Malaysia BAKUC 2007


This year BAKUC was held from 23 to 28 October, 2007 at Sungai Wang Plaza. Like last year I was at the venue to snap pictures of the competition entries. Frankly speaking, I think the entries for this year BAKUC were not as impressive as last year. Except for a handful of models that really stands out, the rest are just of so-so quality.

Again, the entry by one of Malaysia’s finest modeler, Erix, was impressive as ever. In case you are wondering which one it is, it is the orange colored S-Gundam (the first two pictures).

Go ahead and have a look at these pictures and see which one you like best. Be warned, there are 57 pictures in this post.

All pictures were taken with my brand spanking new Canon EOS 400D.


Written by Ken on November 6th, 2007 with no comments.
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